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Until recently, humans used the squatting position for elimination. With the development of the modern toilet, sitting replaced squatting. The sitting position often makes elimination difficult and incomplete and can also force straining. Squatting, on the other hand, allows waste to pass freely. Studies indicate that squatting is the optimal position as it aligns your colon for complete and effortless elimination.. The StoolStep enables you to raise your feet up to approximate a squat while sitting on your toilet. This helps you have easier and more complete eliminations leading to better overall health.

StoolSteps are handcrafted in Eugene, Oregon from sustainably harvested and SFI-certified* redwood and sealed with a water-based polyurethane coating made from recycled whey proteins. The goal of StoolSteps is to provide a functional and beautiful product that helps you improve your health without negatively impacting the environment or bringing toxins into your home.

Contoured StoolStep
Crafted to wrap under and around the contours of standard-sized toilets, the Contour StoolStep stows conveniently out of the way when not in use. StoolSteps are approximately 8 inches high and 16.5 inches wide with a 10.5 inch opening and 11.5 inch long feet.
Light yet stable and attractive, the Simple StoolStep offers a basic, lower cost alternative to our Contoured model. StoolSteps are approximately 8 inches high, While this height works for most, you might need your StoolStep to be lower. Please contact us for special orders.

Meet the Maker

Sean Cannon lives in Eugene, Oregon and works out of his shop in the Whiteaker neighborhood. A carpenter and handyman by trade, Sean made the first StoolStep in early 2011 at the request of his then-girlfriend and former business partner, Darcy Weinshienk. Darcy had been experiencing her own bathroom issues and found, during a trip to India and Nepal, how much easier it was to go to the bathroom using a squatting toilet. Back in the US Darcy used a similar product at her colonic hydrotherapists office and craved something sturdier, aesthetically pleasing, and made from natural and sustainable materials.

Sean sells StoolSteps as well as an assortment of items made the leftover pieces of wood used in handcrafting the StoolSteps.

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